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Listed below are the rates.  Parents, please don't let the rate discouraged you.  Our services are guaranteed or rates are refunded. 

One-On-One Tutoring:

$80 per hour
(at our facility)


$80 per hour and up
(at your place)


Group(2 to 8) Tutoring:


$80 per hour, per student
(at our facility)


 $80 per hour, per student

(at your place)


The Advantages of Group Tutoring

  • Students benefit from helping each other.

  • The group benefits from a diversity of ideas and points of view.

  • It builds tolerance for differences in background, personality, and intellectual style.

Tips for Successful Group Tutoring

  • Inclusive Seating - Arrange seating in a circle to include everyone.

  • Face the Blackboard - When using the blackboard, be sure everyone can see.

  • Students Explain - Have students explain answers, concepts, and definitions to each other.

  • Equalize the Talk Time - Make sure everyone in the group gets a chance to participate. Control vocal students by ceding the floor to others. For example:

    • "We've heard your thoughts on the previous point, Shawn, let's see if someone else wants to suggest a different perspective."

  • Praise - Praise students who come prepared to work.

  • Encourage Participation.

Online Tutoring:


One-on-one:$40 per hour
$20 per ½ hour


Group(3 to 8):$30 per hour


                   ***Special online Offer***


10 hours of 1:1 tutoring - $700

10 hours of group tutoring - $650


****Tutoring must be used within one month of purchase.****



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