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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

I am a certified special educator with 20+ years of experience in the school system. As the parent of a gifted child with a disability, I understand that no two students process information the same way. As a teacher in a socioeconomically challenged demographic, I understand that in order to reach ALL students, one must strive to truly know EACH student.

While 80% of students may make progress with standard instructional delivery, I specialize not only in reaching the other 20% but also in helping the 80% make even more progress. I use a thematic approach to teaching content; that is, I'm all about making it RELEVANT.

I have taught in all of the core content areas and have instructed at every level from kindergarten through adulthood. I am trained in a number of reading and math interventions. I am also a trained educational evaluator.



LLES program teaches students that are taken courses, how to get focused, stay motivated, and make the grades. Our unique approach to tutoring shows teens how to get ahead and stay ahead.

No more late assignments. No more cramming for exams. No more homework wars.

We teach students vital skills they won’t get from any other after-school program. Things like:

  • how to organize their time and materials

  • how to study and prepare for exams 

  • how to get homework done well and on time

  • how to take good notes in class

  • how to absorb and retain new information

  • how to problem-solve




We at LLES help our adult learners to take the GED math portion. We will guide you with the necessary steps in transitioning to college.  


LLES is not only providing a service but a commitment to your educational endeavors.



“I'm a testimonial  and I thank Dr. Lee for it.  As a senior at Thomaville Senior High School  located in Thomasville, NC, never having a father figure to talk with about what I could and should aspire to do. One day Dr. Lee stopped me and asked about my plans after high school.  I responded, I don't know and I don't care!  Dr. Lee cared and knew it.  Dr. Lee told me that I ought to go to college.  Dr. Lee helped me fill out applications and appling for scholarships and even paid the application fee.  Dr. Lee basically took away every reason I had for saying no.”

Edmund Lewis,  Minority Males for Higher Education


*  Behavioral Modifications

*  Guided Math 

*  Behavioral Inventions

*  CPR

*  Crisis Intervention 

*  Classroom Management (Setting the Tone)

*  School Culture 

*  Success with Emotional Disability Populations

*  Reaching the Unreachables

Special Education Compliance 101

Effective Inclusion 101

*  Modification vs Accommodation

Effective ESY 

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